Product Page: DCS-3415   Firmware Version: 1.00
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DI and DO

The I/O connector provides the physical interface for digital output (DO) and digital input (DI) that is used for connecting a diversity of external alarm devices to the PTZ IP camera such as IR-Sensors and alarm relays.

The digital input is used for connecting external alarm devices and once triggered images will be taken and e-mailed.



Digital input: The active state is ; the current state detected is High

Digital output: The active state is ; the current state detected is Open

Helpful Hints..

The network camera provides a general I/O terminal block with one digital input and one relay switch for device control. Pin DI+ and pin DI- can be connected to an external sensor and the state of voltage will be monitored from the initial state 'LOW'. The relay switch of pin DO+ and pin DO- can be used to turn on or off the external device. Please refer to manual for detail connection diagram.

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