Product Page: DCS-3415   Firmware Version: 1.00
Live Video Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Help

Connection Type

Here you can configure the audio and video settings as well as the type of connection your camera uses when viewing it on a network.

Stream Options


Media Options

Video and Audio
Video Only
Audio Only

Protocol Options

UDP unicast
UDP multicast

Record Options

File Name Prefix:
Add date and time suffix to file name

Helpful Hints..

Stream Options - This camera can send 2 streams simultaneously, it can have different configuration for each stream, you can find stream setup at the Setup/Video and Audio setup page.

Media Options -
  • Video and Audio:
  • Stream Video and Audio data at the same time with synchronization.
  • Video only:
  • Stream video data only.
  • Audio only:
  • Stream Audio data only.

    Protocol Options -
  • UDP Protocol:
  • This allows quality real-time performance for audio and video. Some packets may be lost due to network burst traffic and images may be obscured.
  • TCP Protocol:
  • Packet loss is less likely to occur and video displays are more accurate.

    Record Option -
  • Folder:
  • Select target record folder. Default folder is C:\Record , if this folder doesn’t exist, system will create it when first recording. If this folder is invalid, it will cause recording fail. It can assign a network folder.
  • File name prefix:
  • Add every recorded file with this file name prefix.
  • Add date and time suffix to file name:
  • If checked every file name will distinguished by recording date and time. If no date and time suffix assign, system will use serial number for file name.

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