Product Page: DCS-3415   Firmware Version: 1.00
Live Video Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Help

Device Management

You can change to camera's administrative password as well as adding more user accounts for accessing the camera.

Admin Password Setup

Retype password:

Add user account

User name:
Confirm password:
Privilege: Administrator
Normal User

Manage User

User name:
User password:
Authentication: Administrator
Normal User

Camera Name

Camera Name:
Helpful Hints..

For security reasons, it is recommended that you change the Login Name and Password for the Administrator accounts. Be sure to write down the new Login Names and Passwords to avoid having to reset the camera in the event that they are forgotten.

Add user account: Add new user account.

Username: The username for the new account.

Password: The password for the new account.

Privilege: The access right for the new user.
Administrator can configure all the setup.
Operator can use PTZ function and set preset position but can not enter setup page.
Viewer can only view the video and audio.

Manage user: Managing the accounts for the existing users.

Authentication: The access right for the existing users.

Camera name: You can access this device by using the name in your web-browser. For example: By default you can enter http://DCS_3415.

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