Virtual Server
Virtual Server is used to allow Internet users access to LAN services.
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Virtual Servers List
  Name Private IP Protocol Schedule  
Virtual Server FTP0.0.0.0TCP 21/21alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server HTTP0.0.0.0TCP 80/80alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server HTTPS0.0.0.0TCP 443/443alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server DNS0.0.0.0UDP 53/53alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server SMTP0.0.0.0TCP 25/25alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server POP30.0.0.0TCP 110/110alwayseditdelete
Virtual Server Telnet0.0.0.0TCP 23/23alwayseditdelete
IPSec0.0.0.0UDP 500/500alwayseditdelete
PPTP0.0.0.0TCP 1723/1723alwayseditdelete
NetMeeting0.0.0.0TCP 1720/1720alwayseditdelete
DCS-10000.0.0.0TCP 80/80alwayseditdelete
DCS-2000/DCS-53000.0.0.0TCP 800/800alwayseditdelete
i2eye0.0.0.0TCP 1720/1720alwayseditdelete