Firmware Version: 1.32NA
Hardware Version: A4
Product Page: DIR-655
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Use this section to configure your Internet Connection type. There are several connection types to choose from: Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP. If you are unsure of your connection method, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Note : If using the PPPoE option, you will need to remove or disable any PPPoE client software on your computers.

Internet Connection Type

Choose the mode to be used by the router to connect to the Internet.

Advanced DNS Service

Advanced DNS is a free security option that provides Anti-Phishing to protect your Internet connection from fraud and navigation improvements such as auto-correction of common URL typos.

Dynamic IP (DHCP) Internet Connection Type :

Use this Internet connection type if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) didn't provide you with IP Address information and/or a username and password.

(compatibility for some DHCP Servers)

(bytes) MTU default = 1500

Helpful Hints...

When configuring the router to access the Internet, be sure to choose the correct Internet Connection Type from the drop down menu. If you are unsure of which option to choose, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If you are having trouble accessing the Internet through the router, double check any settings you have entered on this page and verify them with your ISP if needed.

For added security, it is recommended that you disable the WAN Ping Respond option. Ping is often used by malicious Internet users to locate active networks or PCs.

If you are having trouble receiving multicast streams from the Internet, make sure the Multicast Streams option is enabled.