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Options to improve the speed and reliability of your Internet connection, to apply content filtering and to protect you from phishing sites. Choose from pre-configured bundles or register your router with OpenDNS® to choose from 50 content categories for custom blocking.


Advanced DNS is a free security option that provides Anti-Phishing to protect your Internet connection from fraud and navigation improvements such as auto-correction of common URL types.

Enable Advanced DNS Service :  
Advanced DNS™
Advanced DNS makes your Internet connection safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. It blocks phishing websites to protect you from identity theft.
OpenDNS® FamilyShield™
Automatically block adult and phishing websites while improving the speed and reliability of your Internet connection.
OpenDNS® Parental Controls™
OpenDNS Parental Controls provides award-winning Web content filtering while making your Internet connection safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. With more than 50 content categories to choose from it's effective against adult content, proxies, social networking, phishing sites, malware and more. Fully configurable from anywhere there is Internet access.

Manage your router at www.opendns.com

Device Id:  
  Register your device
  Management your device
None: Static IP or Obtain Automatically From ISP
Use the DNS servers provided by your ISP, or enter your preferred DNS servers.
Manually Configure DNS Servers
Users should be allowed to specify their own preferred DNS servers

Although the Advanced DNS feature is enabled, the DNS IP address of your workstation can still be modified to the DNS server IP you desire. Please note that the router does not dictate the DNS name resolution when the DNS IP address is manually configured on the workstation.

If you selected this option and have a VPN or an Intranet setup on your network, you can disable the Advanced DNS service if you experience connection difficulties.