Setup Wizard
The Setup Wizard is a useful and easy utility to help setup the DWL-AG700AP to quickly connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) with only a few steps required. It will guide you step by step to configure the password, time, and WAN settings of your DWL-AG700AP . The Setup Wizard is a helpful guide for first time users to the DWL-AG700AP .
Wireless Settings
Allow you to change the wireless settings to fit an existing wireless network or to customize your wireless network.

Wireless Band
Select the Wireless Band to configure.

Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the name designated for a specific wireless local area network (WLAN). The SSID's factory default setting is "default". The SSID can be easily changed to connect to an existing wireless network or to establish a new wireless network.

Disable SSID Broadcase , SSID would be invisible on Station Sitesurvey table.
Without SSID , user , like free rider, cannot link on this targeted AP.

Indicates the channel setting for the DWL-AG700AP . By default the channel for 11g is set to 6, for 11a is set to 52 . The Channel can be changed to fit the channel setting for an existing wireless network or to customize the wireless network.

Radio Frequency
Indicates the current frequency for the DWL-AG700AP. The value is dependent on the current channel setting. This is for information only and cannot be changed.

For added security on a wireless network data Encryption can be enabled. There are four available Authentication types that can be selected. The default value is set to "Open System".

Open System / Shared Key
With this setting both shared and open system are employed. Stations have the option of using either but must still have the correct key to decrypt data.

Pre-Shared Key mode means that the wireless client and the router must have the same passphrase in order to establish the wireless connection.

LAN Settings
These are the IP settings of the LAN interface for the DWL-AG700AP . These settings may be referred to as Private settings. You may change the LAN IP address if needed. The LAN IP address is private to your internal network and cannot be seen on the Internet. The default IP address is with a subnet mask of You may enter a local domain name for the LAN network if you prefer.

Get IP From
The factory default setting is "Static (Manual)" which allows the IP address of the DWL-AG700AP to be manually configured in accordance to the applied local area network. Enable Dynamic (DHCP) to allow the DHCP host to automatically assign the Access Point an IP address that conforms to the applied local area network.

IP address
The factory default IP address assigned to the D-Link AirPlus DWL-AG700AP is The IP address of each device in the wireless local area network must be within the same IP address range and subnet mask. Therefore, each device in the WLAN (wireless local network) must have a unique IP address in the format of 192.168.0.x.

Subnet Mask
Specify the subnet mask for the Access Point. The Subnet mask must be the same for all devices on the same subnet of the network. The default subnet settings for the Access Point is

Default Gateway
Specify the gateway IP address for the local network.



DHCP Server
DHCP Server
DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) Server assigns IP addresses to stations requesting IP addresses while logging to the wireless network. Stations must be configured as DHCP client in order to obtain IP addresses automatically. The default value for DHCP Server control is “disable”.

Dynamic Pool Settings
Function Enable/Disable
This will enable or disable the
Dynamic Pool setting. The default value for this setting is "Disabled".

IP Assigned From
User can specify the beginning of the pool of IP addresses available to wireless stations.

The Range of Pool (1-255)
User can specify the range of IP addresses that are available. IP addresses are increments of the IP address specified in the "IP Assigned From".

Assigned MAC Address
Enter the MAC Address of the client device that requires an IP address.

Define the SubMask of the IP address specified in the "IP Assigned From".

Specify the Gateway address for the wireless network.

Specify the Wins address for the wireless network.

Specify the DNS address for the wireless network.

Domain Name
Specify the Domain Name address for the wireless network.

Lease Time
User can define stations associating duration by specifying IP address lease time.

The default value for status is "OFF" which will not list the status of Dynamic pool.

Current IP Mapping List
A listing includes MAC Addresses, IP addresses, and Lease Time of wireless stations associated with DWL-AG700AP by DHCP Server using Dynamic Pools.