Product Page : DAP-1522 Firmware Version : 1.00 
Setup Advanced MAINTENANCE Status Help

Wireless Settings

The following Web-based wizards are designed to assist you in your wireless network setup and wireless device connection.

Before launching these wizards, please make sure you have followed all steps outlined in the Quick Installation Guide included in the package.

Wireless Connection Setup Wizard

If you would like to utilize easy to use web-based wizard to assist you in connecting your DAP-1522 to the wireless network, click on the button below.


Note: Some changes made using this Setup Wizard may require you to change some settings on your wireless client adapters so they can still connect to the D-Link Access Point.

Manual Wireless Network Setup

If your wireless network is already set up with Wi-Fi Protected Setup, manual confguration of the wireless network will destroy the existing wireless network. If you would like to configure the wireless settings of your new access point manually, then click on the Manual Wireless Network Setup button below.



Add A Wireless Device With WPS (WIFI Protected setup) Wizard

This wizard is designed to assist you in connecting your DAP-1522 to wireless network using WPS. It will guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to get your wireless device connected. Click the button below to begin.


Helpful Hints...

If you already have a wireless network setup with Wi-Fi protection, click "Add A Wireless Device Wizard" to add a new device to your wireless network.

If you are new to wireless networking and have never configured a wireless access point before, click "Wireless Network Setup Wizard" and the access point will guide you through a few simple steps to get your wireless network up and running.

If you consider yourself an advanced user and have configured a wireless access point before, click "Manual Wireless Network Setup" to input all the settings manually.


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