Product: DCS-930L Firmware version: 1.00  
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Live Video


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  • Admin

    You may use this page to configure both admin password user accounts.

    Camera name - A unique name for your camera.

    LED Control - Select On will led always work. Select off will disable led.

    User Access Control - Shall enable this option to allow other users to access your camera.

    Snapshot URL Authentication - When enable this option, you must enter the username and password to access http://IP Camera¡¦s IP address/image/jpeg.cgi for getting a still image.

    User name - Create new user for accessing the video image. Maximum 8 user accounts can be added into the user list, where you may modify and delete the user accounts.


    Save To Local Hard Drive - This will bring up a prompt to save the cameras configuration file to your computer for future restoration purposes.

    Load From Local Hard Drive - This will locate a pre-saved file and restore the pre-defined configuration or settings to your camera.

    Restore To Factory Default - This option will reset the camera and restore the factory default settings for your camera. This will remove all the configuration settings that were made previously.

    Reboot The Device - This option will restart the camera.

    Firmware Upgrade

    Update firmware - The option allows the user to upgrade the firmware via the Browser. Click Browse to locate the file that contains the new firmware and then click Upload to apply the new firmware to the camera.

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