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In this section, you may configure a FTP server to receive the images.

FTP Server

 Host Name   
 Port    (Default is 21)
 User Name   
 Passive Mode Yes No

Time Schedule

Enable uploading images to the FTP server
Day Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
Time Period   Start : (Example : 06:30:00)
  Stop : (Example : 22:30:00)
Motion Detection
Image Frequency Frames/Second
Base File Name  
File Overwrite
Date/Time Suffix
     Create subfolder by
Sequence Number Suffix Up to

Test FTP Server

A JPEG file will be sent to the above FTP server for testing.
(File name: test_date_time.jpg)


Helpful Hints..

Host Name:
This is the IP address of the FTP server that you will be connecting to.

The default port is 21.

User Name:
The user name that required accessing the external FTP server.

The password of the external FTP server.

Passive mode - Enabling passive mode will allow access to an external FTP server if your camera is behind a router protected by a firewall.

Enable uploading images to the FTP server:
Checking this box will enable the camera to upload images to above FTP server.
Select Always to enable camera uploading images to the FTP server always.
Select Schedule if you like to specify the time and day when the camera to start and stop uploading the images to the FTP server.
Select Motion Detection if you would like to camera uploading images to the FTP server when the motions are detected.

Image Frequency - User can choose and define the numbers for both Frames/Second and Seconds/ Frame.

Base File Name - The name that contains the time stamp information, for example DCS-930L
_2005072116425101.jpg. This means that the camera took a snapshot in the year 2005, July 21 at 16:42:51 (hour:min:sec) and 01 represents the 1st picture.

File - Select Overwrite and there will be only one images that are constantly refreshed . Select Date/Time Suffix and the pictures will be named with a date and time (may refer to Base File Name). Enable the Create subfolder function, the system will auto create the subfolder by 0.5 hour, 1 hour or 1 day. An example of this can be seen under the Base file name category. Select Sequence Number Suffix up to 1024 and all the pictures will be numbered from 1-1024. The total amount of pictures can be configured up to 1024 pictures.

Test FTP server
An image file will be sent to the FTP server after you have clicked Test.

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