Product Page: DIR-601
Hardware Version: A1  Firmware Version : 1.00NA
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Use this section to configure the wireless settings for your D-Link Router. Please note that changes made on this section may also need to be duplicated on your Wireless Client.


Enable :  
Current PIN :   80181330
Wi-Fi Protected Status :   Enabled / Configured

Wireless Network Settings

Enable Wireless :  
Wireless Network Name :    (Also called the SSID)
802.11 Mode :   
Enable Auto Channel Scan :  
Wireless Channel :   
Visibility Status :   Visible Invisible

Wireless Security Mode

To protect your privacy you can configure wireless security features. This device supports three wireless security modes including: WEP, WPA-Personal, and WPA-Enterprise. WEP is the original wireless encryption standard. WPA provides a higher level of security. WPA-Personal does not require an authentication server. The WPA-Enterprise option requires an external RADIUS server.

Security Mode :  


Use WPA or WPA2 mode to achieve a balance of strong security and best compatibility. This mode uses WPA for legacy clients while maintaining higher security with stations that are WPA2 capable. Also the strongest cipher that the client supports will be used. For best security, use WPA2 Only mode. This mode uses AES(CCMP) cipher and legacy stations are not allowed access with WPA security. For maximum compatibility, use WPA Only. This mode uses TKIP cipher. Some gaming and legacy devices work only in this mode.

To achieve better wireless performance use WPA2 Only security mode (or in other words AES cipher).

WPA Mode :  
Cipher Type :  
Group Key Update Interval :   (seconds)

Pre-Shared Key

Enter an 8- to 63-character alphanumeric pass-phrase. For good security it should be of ample length and should not be a commonly known phrase.

Pre-Shared Key :  
Helpful Hints…

Changing your Wireless Network Name is the first step in securing your wireless network. Change it to a familiar name that does not contain any personal information.

Enable Auto Channel Scan so that the router can select the best possible channel for your wireless network to operate on.

Enabling Hidden Mode is another way to secure your network. With this option enabled, no wireless clients will be able to see your wireless network when they scan to see what's available. For your wireless devices to connect to your router, you will need to manually enter the Wireless Network Name on each device.

If you have enabled Wireless Security, make sure you write down the Key or Passphrase that you have configured. You will need to enter this information on any wireless device that you connect to your wireless network.