Product Page: DIR-615 Hardware Version: C1   Firmware Version: 3.10NA  


There may be new firmware for your DIR-615 to improve functionality and performance.

To upgrade the firmware, locate the upgrade file on the local hard drive with the Browse button. Once. you have found the file to be used, click the Upload button below to start the firmware upgrade.

Firmware Information

Current Firmware Version : 3.10NA
Current Firmware Date : Fri, 17, Apr, 2009
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Firmware Upgrade

Note: Some firmware upgrades reset the configuration options to the factory defaults. Before performing an upgrade, be sure to save the current configuration from the Tools → System screen.

To upgrade the firmware, your PC must have a wired connection to the router. Enter the name of the firmware upgrade file, and click on the Upload button.

Helpful Hints…

Firmware updates are released periodically to improve the functionality of your router and to add features. If you run into a problem with a specific feature of the router, check if updated firmware is available for your router.