Product Page: DNS-343   Firmware Version: 1.03
Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Support


RAID CONFIGURATION allows you to change your hard drive configuration, or format a newly inserted hard drive. Please note that formatting a hard drive will erase any data that was stored on the hard drive.

AUTO-REBUILD CONFIGURATION allows you to enable or disable the Auto-Rebuild feature. You can also manually rebuild by clicking the Manually Rebuild Now button. Please note that rebuilding will erase all data on the newly inserted drive.


Current RAID Type :
Volume_1 : RAID 5


Vendor Model Serial Number Size

Enable Auto-Rebuild
Disable Auto-Rebuild

Helpful Hints..
A RAID 1 array will degrade when one of the hard drives fails. Auto-Rebuild allows a degraded RAID 1 array to be automatically rebuilt when the failed hard drive is replaced by automatically restoring data from the existing hard drive to the newly inserted hard drive.

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