This page displays the current TCP/IP settings, NetWare settings, and AppleTalk settings of the print server.

  TCP/IP Settings
IP Address : 
Subnet Mask : 
Gateway's IP : 

  Netware General Settings
Print Server Name : DEFAULT_PS_NAME 
Polling Time : 3 seconds 

  NetWare NDS Settings
Use NDS Mode : Disable 
Name of the NDS Tree :  
Name of the NDS Context :
Current Status : Disconnected 

  NetWare Bindery Settings
Use Bindery Mode : Disable 
Name of the File Server : DEFAULT_FS_NAME 
Current Status : Disconnected 

  AppleTalk Settings
AppleTalk Zone Name : * 

  AppleTalk Printer Information
Port Name : ATALK_PS-394D53-1 
Printer Type : LaserWriter 
Data Format : TBCP