Administrator Settings
Administrator settings configure the User Name and the Passwords for the Administrator of the . The default value of the Username is set to "admin" with no password entered.

User Name
Enter the User Name of the administrator of the .

Old Password
Enter the current password for the . By default there is no password to enter.

New Password
Enter the new password for the . The Password is case-sensitive ("A" is a different character than "a",) and must be between 0 and 12 characters in length.

Confirm New Password
Re-enter the new password in the New Password field. This is to confirm that the new password entered is correct.
System Settings
You may restart the  with the changed settings or reset the  back to factory settings.

Apply Settings and Restart
By clicking on the "Restart" button, the   will restart with the current settings.

Restore Default Settings
By clicking on the "Restore" button, the   will be restored to the factory default settings.
Firmware upgrade
The firmware for the  can be upgraded to resolve any compatibility or system conflicts. Please visit http://support for the latest firmware for this device.

Update firmware From Local Hard Drive
The current firmware version is displayed above the file location field. After the latest firmware is downloaded, click on the "Browse" button to locate the new firmware. Once selected, click on the "OK" button to begin updating the firmware.
Configuration File
Update Configuration File
  • Click on the "Browse" button to locate a previously saved configuration file.
  • Click on the "OK" button to load the configuration file for the .

  • Download Configuration File
    Click on the "OK" button to save the current configuration of the  to the local hard drive.
    The Miscellaneous menu is used to set up Telnet for the . By default Telnet is enabled. This may disable it by un-checking the Enabled option box. Telnet timeout options are Never, 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The default value of the Timeout field is set to "3 Mins".