The Admin section has three settings or configuration options: Password Settings, Restore Settings to Factory Default, and Update Firmware.

ADMIN - Administrator Settings
To change the password for logging to the DWL-G710, enter the password you want in the [New Password] text box and then confirm the password in the [Confirm Password] text box.
The Password field is case-sensitive ("A" is a different character than "a") and must be between 0 and 15 characters in length. It is highly recommended that you change the default password and use a mix of letters and numbers to generate a "strong" password.
By default there is no password configured.

ADMIN - Restore Default Settings
Click [Restore] button to restore the DWL-G710 settings to the factory default settings. If you use this feature all of your settings on the DWL-G710 will be reset to the original settings, including password.
If you changed the LAN IP Address of your DWL-G710, you may need to reconfigure your PC to connect to the default IP of

ADMIN - Firmware Upgrade
Use this feature to update the firmware on your DWL-G710 to improve performance and add functionality.
To do this, follow these steps:

1. In another browser window - visit
2. Download the latest firmware file and save to your computer.
3. From the web-based management ADMIN section
4. Click on the [Browse...] button to locate the file that you saved on the computer.
5. When the complete path to the firmware file is entered, click the [Apply] to start the update process.
6. Wait for the update process to finish and the DWL-G710 to reboot.
7. Log back into the DWL-G710 and verify the firmware version on the HOME page

After you have upgraded your DWL-G710, it is recommended that you restore the unit to factory defaults.