WIRELESS - Wireless Settings
The Wireless section is used to configure the wireless settings for the DWL-G710 to work within your wireless network.

There are several settings to configure on this page, please review the table below for details on each setting.

AP Name
The name assigned to the DWL-G710 unit. By default the name is [DWL-G710].

The SSID is the name that you assigned to your wireless network. By default the SSID is [default].

This is the wireless channel that is used to broadcast your wireless signal on. The wireless channel can be set from 1-11. By default the channel number is set to [6].

There are network authentication service modes available: open system or shared key. Open system authentication means that a wireless client CAN associate to the wireless signal but CANNOT get authenticated to access to the network. Shared key authentication means that a wireless client CANNOT associate to the AP to get authenticated to access the network. By default the authentication mode is set to [OPEN].

WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy)
There are WEP modes available: 64-bit or 128-bit. By default WEP is [DISABLED].

WEP Mode
WEP keys can be generated by using ASCII or HEX characters. ASCII allows you to use any character as a WEP key. HEX (Hexadecimal) allows you to only use digits that are numbers 0-9 and letters A-F as the WEP key. By default the WEP mode is [HEX].

WEP Keys
There are 4 WEP key options to choose from. Please note that some Access Points (AP), require that the key setting for the wireless client matches the key setting for the AP.

The length of the WEP key depends on the WEP level:
  • 64-bit WEP keys are 10 characters in length
  • 128-bit WEP keys are 26 characters in length

  • Transmission (TX) Rates
    Use this option to select the TX Rate for the DWL-G710. This is the speed of the wireless adapters that you want to allow connection to your wireless signal. By default the TX rate is [1-2-5.5-6-9-11-12-18-24-36-48-54Mbps].

    Because this device is a wireless range extender, you will need to configure the same SSID of the device you want to extend. For example, if you have a wireless router that has the SSID of "home" you would want to configure the DWL-G710 with the same SSID.
    Out of the box, all D-Link hardware has the same default SSID. If you have not changed your wireless settings these devices should already be configured to work together.