The Admin page allows you to change the password, reboot the DWL-G810, or reset all the settings back to their factory default settings.

Administrator Settings
To change the password for logging to the DWL-G810, enter the "new" password in the New Password field. Type the password again in the next field for confirmation. Click the "Apply" button to apply the new password. The Password is
case-sensitive ("A" is a different character than "a",) and must be between 0 and 15 characters in length. We recommend that you mix letters and numbers to generate a "strong" password.

System Settings
Save Settings
The current system settings for the DWL-G810 can be saved as a configuration file (e.g. config.bin) onto the local drive by clicking on the "Save" button. The file containing the configuration settings can be used to restore the settings of the
DWL-G810 after a firmware upgrade.

Load Settings
The saved file or any other saved setting file can be loaded back on the DWL-G810. To reload a system settings file, click on "Browse..." to browse the local hard drive and locate the configuration file to be used. Click on the "Load" button in order to load the configuration file.

Restore Default Settings
Click Restore to restore the DWL-G810 settings to the factory default settings.

Firmware Upgrade
This process allows users to download the latest firmware available for this particular device. Please visit for the latest firmware. After downloading the latest firmware to the local hard drive, click on "Browse..." to locate the firmware and Apply to perform the firmware upgrade.