1. Q:
    2. How do I enable and set up motion detection on my DSH-C310 camera?
    1. A:
    2. The 180 Cam HD’s motion detection feature can trigger alerts when it detects movement within its field of view. This detection can produce a notification on your mobile device, trigger local recording to a microSD card, or initiate an automation policy. Motion detection is turned on by default in both the Omna and Home apps. You can adjust motion detection settings as follows:



      Omna app


      1. Go to the Camera''s page and tap the Settings icon.




      2. Tap the Motion Detection menu item from the list.




      3. Tap the Motion Setting slider to toggle motion detection on or off. 




      The Motion Detection window will appear. Android users: tap Settings.




      If motion detection is turned on, the following configuration options will be available:

      • Detection Area - Tap the areas of the grid to turn motion detection on or off for that area. Orange shading indicates that an area is being monitored for motion detection.

      • Sensitivity - You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity by sliding the marker along the scale. 

      • Motion Retrigger Delay - Select the length of time the camera will wait before sending subsequent notifications. This is useful in areas where continuous motion may be occurring.

       Android users - To save, press the back button on your device twice and then tap Done.


      Homekit app (to receive motion detection notifications)


      1. Tap and hold the Motion Detection item in your Home screen.



      2. Tap Details.




      3. Tap Status and Notifications.



      4. Tap the Allow Notifications slider to turn motion detection notifications on or off.




      Motion detected:


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