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    2. How do I set up motion detection using the mydlink app?
    1. A:
    2. Note: This FAQ is for the mydlink app, not mydlink Lite. The screen shots are from the Android version. The iOS version may look a little different.


      To enable motion detection, follow the steps below:


      Step 1: Launch the mydlink app.


      Step 2: Tap Devices at the bottom of the home screen or tap the menu in the upper left corner, tap Devices.



      Step 3: Tap Camera.



      Step 4: Select the camera from the dial and then tap the gear icon 



      Step 4: Tap Motion Detection.



      Step 5: Tap the button to turn on.



      Step 6: Tap where you want to detect motion (represented by a orange square). Then select the sensitivity (0-100, 100 being the most sensitive). Once finished, tap < (iOS) or tap the back button (Android) to save your settings. 



      Step 7: Tap OK.





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