1. Q:
    2. How to find Microsoft IE 11 on your new Windows® 10 Operating System
    1. A:
    2.  Follow the steps here to find  and create a quick link to IE 11 on your new Windows 10 Operating System: 

      Step 1. Front the bottom of the task bar click the  search field and type: IE11

      Step 2. The search results will show the Link to the IE11 Desktop App at the top of the search window. 


       Step 3. To avoid searching every time you've like to use it, create a easy to launch link on your task bar by right clicking on the found IE link and select "Pin to taskbar" option.



      You will be able to find the link on your task bar from now on... 



      Step 4. Use this link to lauch version 11 of Internet Explorer browser or use your favorite Firefox or Chrome browsers to access the mydlink™ services. 


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