1. Q:
    2. How do I use my camera with Google Home?
    1. A:
    2. You can use your voice to control your camera with your Google Home Smart Speaker and Google Assistant. Before proceeding, make sure you have:


      1. Installed your camera and registered for a mydlink account using mydlink Lite. 

      2. Make sure your mobile device, camera, and Google Home Smart Speaker are all connected to the same wireless network.


      Note this FAQ applies to the DCS-936L, DCS-2530L, DCS-5030L DCS-8000LH, DCS-8010LH, DCS-8300LH, and DCS-8525LH cameras. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. The DCS-936L is used as our example:


      Step 1: From your mobile device, download the Google Home app from Google Play or the App Store.


      Step 2: Start the app and follow the instructions to discover and add your DCS-936L, or tap the settings icon (upper left corner) to bring up the menu.



      Step 3: Tap Home control.



      Step 4: Tap the plus icon to add a device.



      Step 5: On the Add devices page, tap mydlink Smart to bring up the mydlink sign-in page.



      Step 6: Enter your mydlink username (email) and account password. Tap Sign in.



      5. After logging in, your DCS-936L will show up in the Devices tab under Home control.



      6. You can also give your DCS-936L a friendly name for use with voice commands under device details.



       Using voice commands to control your DCS-936L:

      To enable live video streaming, you can give the voice command “Hey Google, turn [nickname of camera] on”.


      To disable live video streaming, say "Hey Google, turn [nickname of camera] off"


      You can also open the mydlink Lite app and check/uncheck the Privacy Mode box. Click here for more information.



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