1. Q:
    2. Why does my Meta Quest 2 show "Connected- No Internet" after connecting to the DWA-F18 Wi-Fi?
    1. A:
    2. Why does my Meta Quest 2 show Connected- No Internet after connecting to the DWA-F18 Wi-Fi?

      A. This is likely due to one of two reasons:

      1. Your Host PC is not online

      2. Internet Connection Sharing is not enabled.

      Step 1: Check that the host computer is online and can access the internet

      If online, please follow these steps to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

      Step 2: On your Windows 10/11 PC, Press and hold the Windows Key + R. The Run box should appear.

      Steps 3: Type ncpa.cpl and press enter

      Step 4: In the network connections window, You should see a Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter listed- Take note of its name (in this example Location Area Connection*12)

      Step 5: Right click on the network adapter that is providing internet to your computer and click Properties (In this example, it is the Wired Ethernet adapter)

      Step 6: Click on the sharing tab and put a check next to "Allow other network users to connect....." and in the drop down box, select the virtual adapter (found in step 4) and click OK, then Press YES to the Pop up message.


      Step 7: The adapter should now show as Shared

      Step 8: Disconnect and reconnect your Meta 2 headset to the DWA-F18 Air Bridge Wi-Fi signal- Internet should now be accessible.

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