1. Q:
    2. How do I manually update the firmware on my DNR-202L
    1. A:
    2. Follow the steps below to manually upgrade the firmware of your DNR-202L. (this process can also be used to restore a failed "bricked" unit)


      • Unable access the configuration pages or web interface
      • Firmware update failed - Top LED light now blinking red all the time
      • The DNR lost power while in the firmware update process - Resetting back to factory has no effect on the unit. (Top LED light is solid red)
      • An error message regarding it''s certificate shows up when trying to access the configuration pages and the device appears frozen. 


      WARNING:  This Manual firmware upgrade/rescue process  will reset the unit back to factory setting.  Reconfiguration of your DNR-202L will be needed at the end of this process. 


      STEP 1.  Download the latest version of the firmware by visiting D-Link legacy site


      STEP 2. Unpack the downloaded ZIP file and rename the extracted firmware file (with file extension ".bin") to "update.bin". 




      STEP 3.  Insert a Flash Drive, memory USB stick/USB stick to one of your computer USB ports. Quick Format the USB stick to FAT32 file system to be use on the next step.  

      (Warning:  backup any files on your flash drive before starting this process, you will loose all files previously saved in it when performing a format)





      STEP 4:  Copy the "update.bin" to your freshly formatted flash drive and disconnect the flash drive from your computer when this process is done: 





      STEP 5:  Power off the DNR-202L by unplugging the power source. Insert the USB flash drive into USB port marked "HD1"  of the DNR-202L (next to the Ethernet port; marked #3 in the image below ). 





      STEP 6:  Press and hold “Scan” button and connect the power back to the DNR-202L . The DNR will begin running thought it''s start up sequence,  you will hear a long beep follow by a short one (continue holding the SCAN button)  until the DNR-202L LED ring light will show a flashing red light, release the "Scan" button. The upgrade process will begin. 







       STEP 7: After the firmware upgrade is done, the buzzer will give two short beeps this will marked the end of the upgrade process. .  Manually reboot the unit by disconnecting and reconnecting the power.  





      The DNR-202L should now be upgraded and ready for setup.






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