1. Q:
    2. My VR headset suffers from lag/delays that interrupt the experience when connected to the VR Air Bridge.
    1. A:
    2.    - Ensure your Windows PC meets the requirements for Meta Quest Link: Here 

         - The VR Air Bridge is intended to be used on a Wired (Ethernet) Windows PC 

         - The VR Air Bridge WiFi configuration is optimized by continuous feedback between the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Link Software.  The VR Air Bridge dedicated connection, the Meta Quest2 Advanced WiFi features, and WiFi6 allow the ecosystem to reconfigure and help provide the best VR Experience compared to your Home WiFi or other WiFi Routers. Due to this fast reconfiguration ability, if the WiFi environment suffers from wireless interference, the Meta Quest ecosystem will constantly be re-configuring leading to a poor VR experience. We suggest to adjust your Meta Link quality features for improvement or consulting with Meta support options Here

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