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    2. How do I enable sound detection using the mydlink app?
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    2. Note: This FAQ is for the mydlink app, not mydlink Lite. The screen shots are from the Android version. The iOS version may look a little different.


      Select which camera line you would like to set up sound detection:


      - DCS-8xxxLH Series

      All other DCS cameras






      The following is for the DCS-8xxxLH series cameras. Note that the DCS-8200LH is not compatible with the mydlink app. You must use the mydlink Home app.


      Step 1: Launch the mydlink app.


      Step 2: Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.



      Step 3: Tap Settings.



      Step 4: Tap Automation.



      Step 5: Tap the + sign.



      Step 6: Tap the + sign to add a new rule (or add to an existing rule).



      Step 7: Tap the sound detection trigger and then tap Next. Note you can click the > icon to set the sound level to trigger.




      Step 8: Tap the event action(s) you want, then tap Next. In this example recording (cloud) and push notification are enabled.




      Step 9: Tap the check mark or Save on the top right, then tap Go ahead.






      The following is for non-DCS-8xxxLH cameras.


      To enable sound detection, follow the steps below:


      Step 1: Launch the mydlink app.


      Step 2: Tap Devices at the bottom of the home screen or tap the menu in the upper left corner, tap Devices.



      Step 3: Tap Camera.



      Step 4: Select the camera from the dial and then tap the gear icon.



      Step 5: Make sure the microphone is turned on. Tap Sound Detection.



      Step 6:Tap the Sound Detection button to turn on if grayed out.


      Step 7: The current level of noise will be displayed. To change the noise level at which you want it to trigger, tap and slide the black dot up or down to the desired level. Tap < (iOS) or tap the back button (android) to save. 



      Step 8: Tap OK.



      Step 9: Verify that sound detection is ON.



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