1. Q:
    2. What can I do if I am having wireless connection problems?
    1. A:
    2. Signal strength drop or fluctuation are common causes of RF interference.

      Try these basic troubleshooting steps:

      • If the Meta Quest 2 headset cannot find or be found by the Meta Link Software. Please Power-cycle/reboot the headset and then attempt to connect
      • Change the channel on your access point or wireless router.
      • Change the location of your wireless products. Subtle changes (2-3 feet) can make a big difference. Do not put the access point or wireless router in a cabinet or enclosure.
      • 2.4GHz phones, X-10, and bluetooth devices will interfere with your wireless network. Change the location of the base for your phone, or downgrade to 900Mhz phones, or upgrade to 5.8GHz phones.
      • The wireless signal will degrade (or die completely) when going through brick (fireplace), metal (file cabinet), steel, lead, mirrors, water (fish tank), large appliances, glass, etc

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